3 Exciting New Additions Coming Soon!

22 Jan, 2013
By tim
in Product News

3 big new additions to our COAST range will arrive in February 2013!

First-up is our new HL27 LED Head-Torch, producing over 300 Lumens of light, with adjustable Pure Beam blemish-free ‘Spot-to-Flood’ focusing and dimmable light control, also allowing user to detach centre-strap if single head-band is preferred.

Second we have our largest new LED Head-Torch in the form of the HL8, heavy-duty pro headlamp with High-Med-Low modes and adjustable Pure Beam blemish-free ‘spot-to-flood’ focusing.

Last but “certainly not least”, is our new HP314 Hand-Held LED Torch producing a massive 1000 lumens of light, combined with all our usual great COAST features of one-handed Finger-Tip Focus adjustment, Pure Beam blemish-free ‘spot-to-flood’ focusing, Beam Lock facilty, High-Low-Strobe modes, all supplied in a carry case with shoulder strap.

Our awesome new HP314 has an ANSI-NEMA Tested Beam Length of ALMOST HALF A MILE, so get ready to see a long way ahead with COAST!!!