NEXTORCH is a manufacturer of Premium Quality LED Torches  combining the most advanced lighting technology and brightest light sources, with the maximum energy efficiency, run-times and low running costs.

All NEXTORCH products are designed to ensure Strength & Durability  in rugged outdoor environments, combined with Compact & Lightweight Design for easy carrying, storage and use.

Since 2006 NEXTORCH has been the main supplier for the Chinese Police Force standard issue torch, used every day by the Chinese Law Enforcement Officers, in their duty to maintain public safety, security & to combat crime/terrorism.      Tens of Thousands’ of NEXTORCH torches have been successfully used by the Chinese Police since this time!

NEXTORCH is also well known for Innovation in LED Technology and there can be no better demonstration than the recent launch of the exciting ‘myTorch’ Series,The World’s first fully programmable Smart Torch!