COAST HP5R Rechargeable Torch Kit adds to UK range!

1 Apr, 2015
By tim
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 New COAST HP5R Rechargeable LED Torch Kit 181 lumens, one-hand focusing from long-range Spot Beam to ultra-wide Flood Beam

COAST HP5R Rechargeable LED Torch Kit

Announcing the arrival of the COAST HP5R Rechargeable LED Torch Kit into our UK stock range!

The HP5R is ‘the little Brother’ to our hugely popular HP7R kit, the main difference being its compact, pocket-sized design measuring only 11.7cm or 4.6 inches in ‘old money’.

With a maximum light output of 181 lumens on high, or 97 lumens on low-mode, the HP5R also includes many of the latest and most popular COAST features such as one-handed focus adjustment from long-range Spot Beams to ultra-wide Flood Beams.

Also inbuilt within the HP5R is COASTS patented ‘pure beam optic’ providing flawless beam quality, with literally no rings, shadows or dark-spots often found with adjustable-focusing torches.

Just as with our top-selling HP7R model, we are pleased to confirm the HP5R also comes with a fantastic range of spare batteries and accessories, far & above that supplied with any other brand!

Supplied within the kit are 1 x HP5R rechargeable torch, 2 x lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries (1 needed when in use, the other as a spare/replacement), 1 x AA alkaline battery (2nd back-up for use in remote areas or where no charging source is temporarily available), a UK mains charger attachment plus a USB charger attachment and a car cigarette-lighter charger attachment, so the product can be conveniently re-charged anywhere within normal daily life!

Another innovative feature is that the rechargeable batteries are specially designed so they can be re-charged in-situ whilst still inside the torch, or they can also be charged independently outside of the torch, providing even more convenience and flexibility!

Also included in the standard accessory kit, are a belt/carry pouch, plus a wall-mounting dock complete with wall-plugs/crews (often also used to mount within vehicles), and a hands-free belt/pocket holder with 360 degree rotation for ideal beam angle.

Cost for all of this?…..List Price £66.63 (ex-VAT), RRP £79.95 (incl. VAT),  fully backed-up by our COAST 5 Year Warranty!