COAST LED range boosted by 10 new lines & 11 new Display Packages!

2 Aug, 2013
By tim
in Product News

Our rapidly-growing COAST range has just completed a fantastic first year in the UK with sales & re-orders already at over Double the rate of the previous Year & still accelerating!

This fantastic trend is set to continue with the boost of no less than 10 new products now joining the COAST program, supported by 11 new Display Stands & Packages!

New products include 4 fantastic new rechargeable torch kits with great specs, the exceptional blemish-free COAST beam patterns we are known for and with incredible ranges of accessories compared to other brands in the market….all of this for prices between 35% to 40% under similar quality brands & with a full 5 Year warranty!

We also have 2 fantastic new head-torches with adjustable focus from spot-to-flood, dimmable light control, multi-mode outputs and max power outputs of 309 and 344 lumens capable of lighting up the darkest night!

Our HP314 is the new flagship at the top of the COAST range, with an awesome 1132 Lumens and a Beam Distance of over half a mile!

Smaller products added include 2 new pen-torches with fantastic, crisp inspection beams and run-times of between 11 1/2 and 12 1/2 hours, added to these the useful TX8 ‘hands-free’ flexi-light which has a heavy duty clip to attach to pockets, caps, rucksacks or clipboards, along with a heavily magnetized base for attaching to metal surfaces.

The new COAST Display stands come in 11 different options with differing stock & display ranges suitable covering the whole COAST range or specific sections of it. COAST Retailers & Distributors can choose their own selections, each of which providing them with a highly professional in-store range at a minimal investment of between £200 to £350.

For further details of COAST Products or Display Packages please contact us here at BBB?