COAST Multitool Wins TGO Best Buy

19 Aug, 2013
By ryan
in Product News

In the recent TGO (The Great Outdoors) Multitool test, COAST’s C5899B (LED 155)  Pro Pocket Pliers were put up against Leatherman and Gerber’s similar version tools at over twice the cost!.  The results of this test were positive in every manner with COAST being awarded BEST BUY and MOST RECOMMENDED out of the three. This is an even greater achievement when you consider the COAST tool was also the cheapest in this test at £40, showing the high quality of the COAST products at an incredible price.

In the review the COAST Multitool came out on top in both categories. For instance the sprung pliers, the ergonomic shape and added sure grip inlays made it the “most comfortable tested”, plus the blade and scissors were also “stronger than those on the Gerber tool”. An added bonus that gives COAST a further advantage in the multitool market is the LED light at either end of the tool described as  “a great addition”, especially when in a emergency or when using the tools at night.

The review also adds that the smaller COAST multitool (£20) that was not tested, was an exceptional multitool for its size.

Overall The Great Outdoors Multitool review was extremely positive, rewarding the COAST C5899 Pro Pocket Pliers a sparkling 4.5 Stars, the best of any tools tested!