COAST Products get even better!…16 of them to be precise!

18 Mar, 2015
By tim
in Product News

During the course of 2015 COAST Dealers and their customers may notice that our excellent COAST Torches & Head-Torches somehow seem to get “even better and even brighter?”

They would be correct in this as we are pleased to announce no less than 16 of our best-selling COAST products will be upgraded in specification this year, with absolutely no increase in cost!

These increases begin immediately with our fast-moving COAST G45 Torch improving by 11% in light power as it increases from 135 lumens to 150.

Also immediately improving is our top-selling HL3 Head-Torch, upgraded by a massive 40% from 60 lumens up to 100 lumens!

Further upgrades on 14 other products will be announced as new stocks begin to arrive in our UK warehouse.