Competitively Priced 123A Lithium Batteries for Premium LED Torches from NEXTORCH

11 Jan, 2012
By tim
in Product News

In addition to being known for its range of Premium LED Torches and its best-selling ‘myTorch’ series, NEXTORCH is also able to supply 123a batteries at  highly competitive prices, for use in some of its own range and also for other main competitors such as FENIX, SUREFIRE and others.

In addition to standard AA’s, the NEXTORCH battery range includes options for 123a batteries in 2packs, cartons of 6, or cartons of 12 for standard 3V Lithium Batteries along with a 2-pack of 123A  3v Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries, and single rechargeable 18650 batteries.

Additionally we have an excellent range of Battery Chargers, including the highly popular NTR123ASET, which is a complete charger kit comprising of 2 x NTR123A Rechargeble Li-ion batteries, a car charger and a mains charger, all for only £24.95!

A steadily growing number of customers are finding these batteries to provide excellent performance at a cost far below most other recognised sources!