HP314, the new flagship of the COAST Torch range arrives in UK!

2 Apr, 2013
By tim
in Product News

With stocks due in just a few days time, there is a definite sense of anticipation for the arrival of our new HP314 Ultra-Distance LED Torch, with a long waiting list of orders even before it arrives in the UK!!

What’s so cool about the HP314?……..Let us tell you!

  • Awesome 1132 lumens of light on max beam setting, capable of seeing over 683 metres (almost half a mile)!
  • Even at low setting of 95 lumens, the HP314 still sees a “not-too-shabby” 185 metres!
  • Fantastic extra-wide flood beam enables you to see the widest/largest areas when used in wide open spaces!
  • Ultra-Long Spot Beam sends a bright, focused beam of light long & far into the distance!
  • In all settings, customers can expect COASTS unrivalled beam quality, a flawless beam of light without rings, shadows or blemishes!
  • Supplied with High, Low & Strobe modes as standard, controlled by an easy front-mounted switch
  • Beam Lock for fixing the beam to the exact size required
  • Incredibly for a torch of this size & power, the COAST finger-tip focus system means you still adjust from spot-to-flood with one hand!!

Do you have to use “wierd lithium batteries” to power it?

  • A question we are often asked with our bigger-lumens torches, as this is very often the case with many of our competitors products but in this case we are happy to confirm we use 4 standard DURACELL D-Cell alkaline batteries that you can buy almost anywhere in the UK!

How long do you get from the batteries?

  • A sensible question given the high power the torch produces…… the worst scenario (used at max 1132 lumens constantly) you would get 4 1/4 hours use before the batteries started to fade
  • When used on the ‘low setting’ (which dont forget is still 95 Lumens), then the batteries last an incredible 192 hours before they fade!

What do you get with the Torch?

  • The HP314 comes complete in a high-quality impact-resistant carry case, along with shoulder strap & attachments, protective rubber cap for tail/switch and also protective rubber sleeve for the lighting head, also supplied with 4 x DURACELL D-cell batteries, a handy belt-loop holder and a comprehensive 5 Year Warranty, well above the norm!

Sounds expensive!!?

  • As the flagship model of of whole range it is naturally not the cheapest model we offer…..that said, we are £199.95 Retail Price (inc VAT),  or £166.63 Trade List Price (ex VAT), which is a full £100 cheaper than almost all our competitors with similar specifications, lesser quality & lesser warranties!

In summary, at an awesome 1132 lumens, the new COAST HP314 is the ultimate in high-lumens, long-distance LED Torches and yet still capable of adjustment from long-range spot to extra-wide flood beam with just one hand, setting a new standard in performance & beam-quality!

Further details of our fantastic new HP314, or to see it first-hand, can be arranged via our offices on 01858-410551, via email on, or via your BBB/COAST Sales Representative?