New COAST ‘POLYSTEEL’ range arrives in UK/Ireland!

30 Jul, 2015
By tim
in Product News

As one of several new additions to our ever-growing COAST LED range, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new POLYSTEEL series of  adjustable-focusing torches. The name POLYSTEEL derives from the stainless-steel core running through the entire handle of the torch which is covered with an impact-proof GRP Resin outer with inbuilt comfortable hand-grips.

What this construction offers are a series of 3 ‘Super Tough’ Torches, each of which built & tested to be DROP-PROOF, CRUSH-PROOF and WATER-PROOF, making them suitable for use in the toughest of environments and conditions.

Whilst the toughened construction is a valuable bonus we should not forget these are also powerful high lumens torches, starting with the POLYSTEEL 200 at 250 lumens, the mid-range POLYSTEEL 400 at 300 lumens and topped by the impressive POLYSTEEL 600 at 620 lumens! Add to all this all 3 models have high/medium/low modes for optimum light level and battery life plus adjustable-focusing from long-range spot beams to flawless, ultra-wide flood beams and all use standard AAA or AA batteries and are covered with COASTS 5 Year Warranty.

As if all this wasn’t enough, POLYSTEEL models are exceptionally price-competitive at £20.79, £24.12 and £29.13 respectively (ex VAT) and you can see why this new range has already proven a massive hit in the USA with great things now expected here on our side of the pond!