NEW myTorch R/C & XL series, ‘The Best Just Got Better!’

29 May, 2012
By Dan
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BBB announce the addition of 5 new rechargeable (R/C) models to the myTorch range. Giving you maximum energy efficiency combined with environmental & cost saving benefits from not having to buy, or dispose of replacement batteries.

Not only are these new models rechargeable, they’re even brighter!

The myTorch AA gets a boost from ’70 lumens to 115′ the 2AA from ‘140 to 200 lumens’, the 3AAA from ‘150 to 210 lumens‘ and the myTorch 18650, originally 200 lumens now puts out a massive 550 lumens in its R/C form!

If 550 lumens was not bright enough, the myTorch XL ‘is brighter still’, producing a staggering 780 lumens!  From a torch weighing just 212gms & measuring only 9” in length this is ideal for Search/Rescue & Security applications as well as those who simply need the best!