NEXTORCH K3 ‘Ultra Pen Light’ is packed full of surprises!

16 Feb, 2012
By tim
in Product News

Since its introduction in late 2011 our new K3 ULTRA PEN LIGHT  is proving to be a great success & has enjoyed many rave reviews!

The reason why is that this is no ordinary pen light”!

Most common penlights have a single on/off mode and run at a relatively low light level of 16 to 25 lumens for close-up work in confined & hard-to-reach spaces, which is without doubt one of the common uses for a penlight.

The NEXTORCH K3 however does this and much more!!!……Our new ‘ULTRA PEN LIGHT’ not only has a close-up 25 lumen light but also 3 extra modes of 70 lumens, 180 lumens and a strobe for emergency use!

This makes the K3 capable of being used as a common flashlight/torch outside with a beam of up to 60 metres from a torch no bigger than a quality pen, which clips neatly inside any pocket or fits neatly inside any handbag or purse!"The New K3 Ultra Performance Pen Torch" from NEXTORCH

Despite all these advantages, the K3 has a Trade List Price of £24.95 (rrp inc VAT £29.95), competetive with most standard penlights of much lessser performance or versatility!

(plus it even comes with a spare set of batteries!)

For further information please contact our sales department on 01858-410551, or email us at